Diggy’s first memories as a child consisted of pure acts of violence inflicted upon his mother by the men in her life. He could only watch helplessly with his brothers & sisters, as she drank her pain away after being left beaten & bloodied. Every day became a struggle that no child should have to endure. As the early 80’s rolled by, Diggy did what most urban kids would do at the time: he became a product of his environment. He & his older brother FED 730 began break dancing & listening to the sounds of the streets. This became his only escape from reality. Seeing no end to the court appearances for possession of a weapon, fighting & auto-theft, he found himself on a 3-year probation stretch by age 9; it was time for a change. It wasn’t until ’91 that Diggy began putting his lyrics on paper and by ’93 he formed the group The Scavengerz with FED 730 & our boy Maliki from Brooklyn. They did some small venues & local open mics while spending most their time in the studio. In ’96 after three years, the group parted for personal reasons & Diggy went on to work solo. He collaborated with such groups as the Tri-State Crookz, who had artists like Agent-O & Arkitech. After a show here & there & jumping in & out of the underground spotlight, he wanted to make a better life for his family & moved down South. The past six years have been a “take no prisoners” mentality, filled with sleepless nights & making music daily, all while working a day job to support his family. He has gone on to make beats for DJ D-Lyte of 102Jamz of Greensboro & a few local heavy hitters such as Ed E. Ruger, Mashedi & Stitchy C.

By hooking up with the originator of Thug-Core and NYHC legend Danny Diablo, Diggy has signed with ILL-ROC RECORDS. Diggy has a record out on ILL-ROC right now called "STREET C.D. VOLUME #1 -THE REAL DIGGY MC- "WHITE TRASH SKEL MUSIC". This versatile record shows the world how ill Diggy can get on wax. With friend & total opposite Scotty a.k.a. Artichoke, Diggy manages to engineer, produce, & write THUG-CORE at it's best for the world via ILL-ROC with this release. This record shows us a true deadly form of underground hip-hop &
N.Y.H.C. Street music that depicts this Irish working man’s life enduring drug abuse & maintaining sanity in a word so cold & heartless. True thug-core straight from the streets! This is Diggy!